As part of the archaeological research as supervision, we provide:

  1. Preparation of archival and source query.
  2. Constant supervision over all kinds of earthworks performed during the planned investment, including: registration of archaeological discoveries, defining the extent of occurrence(within the investment).
  3. Specifying of type and nature of the collected historical material, including: consultation.
  4. Initial maintenance and inventory of collected historic material, including: securing objects of archaeological and historical value to transport.
  5. Keeping records in accordance with applicable law and the guidelines of WUOZ and with the progress of works and earthworks.
  6. Preparation of partial supervision reports.
  7. Preparation of final reports.

Archeological inspections are conducted according to requirements specified in the licenses of individual Provincial Offices of Monument Conservators and in accordance with the Regulation of the Minister of Culture and National Heritage of 27 July 2011 on carrying out conservation, restoration work, works, studies of conservation, research and other activities architectural monuments from the register of monuments and archaeological research (Dz. U. No. 165, item. 987) and the Act of 23 July 2003 on the protection and conservation of monuments (Dz. U. 162, item. 1568 2003 as amended)

Non-invasive methods enable us to gain information about archaeological sites without expensive stationary research.

Research is carried out with the use of non-destructive methods, and often precede a Conservator’s decision to initiate excavations or investment phase of the project (possibility to avoid the high cost of work during the construction).