Sapper services

Clearing the area of dangerous objects or explosives (demining)

The work related to clearing the area of dangerous materials and explosives rely on their locating, taking out, and potential neutralization. The use of specialized metal detectors allows the precise clearing of the area. Professional personnel and high quality certified equipment ensures that. After the completion of the works we  issue a certificate of cleanliness of the area.

Sapper Supervision of the performed works

Sapper supervision is carried out in areas, where due to the large municipal waste pollution, metal debris, rubble – it is impossible to clean the area. During performed works sapper secures (front earthworks) at the time of disclosure of dangerous objects and explosives.

Works with the use of  explosives including: demolition of buildings, grubbing stumps, removing ice jams, loosening the ground

Works with the use of explosives refer to destruction of buildings, cutting holes, removing rocks, removal of rootwood of the trees, crushing ice jams, cutting ropes, loosening the ground.  During works in the field of the use of explosives, we keep the highest safety standards.


Preparation of opinions and  sapper expertise.

Preparation of opinions associated with the accumulation of dangerous materials and explosives in the area. Preparation of danger assessment due to the presence of dangerous objects.