We offer you comprehensive services in the use of explosives and archaeological work. Clearing the area of the dangerous military objects will provide you safety during carried out work. Comprehensive clearing reduces the risk of losing  life or health, damage to equipment, the suspension of construction work at the time of the accidental detection of dangerous object of military origin



We offer:

  • Clearing the area of the dangerous objects or explosive (demining)
  • sapper supervision over the performed work,
  • Work with the use of explosives including: demolition of buildings, grubbing stumps, removing ice jams, loosening the ground,
  • underwater sapper work,
  • preparation of  opinions and sapper expertise
  • archaeological supervision,,
  • archaeological research reconnaissance (surface or probe)
  • archaeological excavations including: Stationary systematic research, pre rescue research and intervention research

Sapper services, archeological work and forensic archeology

  • comprehensive services in the field of forensic archeology,
  • Non-invasive archaeological research,,
  • Work with the use of GPR Pro Ex, Lowrance sonar and side sonar HDS5, Cobra rig (geological sampling),
  • anthropological work,
  • labolatory work


Extensive experience and professionalism in carried out work provides a high quality of services

Our activity includes built-up areas, agricultural and forest areas, included alike in the historic urban systems, rural areas and open spaces

The work is carried on stations (including endangered archaeological sites) encircled by the construction works, earthworks or land remediation. The area of our work involves all the earthworks including the building of: houses, residential halls, roads, railways, linear investments, inter alia: aqueducts, pipelines, sewerage, and drainage, surface mining exploration field of: sand, gravel, coal and other areas of planting and forest.