Business Policy

Policy of Integrated System of Quality Management, Environment, Health and Safety of Work FULKO Krzysztof Staniec


Core business of FULKO Krzysztof Staniec includes:

  • Cleaning areas of dangerous and explosive objects of military origin, including demining, destruction of unexploded ordnance and underwater saper works.
  • Work with the use of explosives, including demolition of buildings, grubbing stumps, removal of ice jams, loosening the ground.
  • Supervision and research in the field of archeology, forensic archeology and anthropology.
  • Services in the field of geomorphology and geoarcheology.
  • Preparation of opinions and expertise related to carried out works.


The strategic objective is to increase the amount of customers with a full orientation meeting their expectations.


To ensure the realization of objectives and to mantain and continually improve the quality of service of its customers FULKO Krzysztof Staniec:

  • Involves all employees in efforts to ensure the quality, oversees their competences, provides adequate resources for the implementation of the objectives and tasks
  • Obligates to meet all the requirements for ongoing services including compliance with applicable regulatory requirements and others, prevention of pollution, accidents at work, occupational diseases, potential accidents and  to continually improve the effectiveness of an integrated system of quality managment according to PN-EN ISO 9001:2009, environment according to PN-EN  ISO 14001:2005 and health and safety of work according to PN-N-18001:2004.


We ensure that the rules above are known and used in everyday work.




Krzysztof Staniec, Tomasz Marek Zięba